Cavity Filling

Ways To Treat Cavities

Dr. Kim utmost goal is the preservation of your natural teeth.

Instead of removing a tooth, Dr. Kim repair and Recover a damaged and decayed tooth using resin, gold, ceramic, and zirconia for a filling and a crown.


Remove decay part of a tooth and take an impression to fill the damaged part. Inlay is more accurate and strong ponding to remain of the tooth. Inlay is made of gold or ceramic.


Remove decay part of a tooth and filled with resin in most of cases. Bake the rasin with ultrasonic ray to harden.

Cavity Treatment Q&A

Sugar and starch feed the bacteria in mouth. Bacteria produce acidic gas while it consumed. This gas make a tooth to decay and called CAVITY.

Early stage of cavity looks white stain without sensitivity and white stain turn to darker and darker with more sensitivity or pain. It may develop to root infection. Prevention is very important but if cavity is developed already, get treated as early as possible to save money with less pain.

First few days you may feel sensitive on the tooth. You may avoid hot, cold and hard food. You may check with a dentist for recurrent or conditions of treated tooth.

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